How it started.

Work. Learn. Play.

Not so long ago I was juggling being a mum of two very active kids, working full-time as a Business Analyst and doing the never ending housework...

I was often feeling overwhelmed, had no time for my family, not to mention any social life and continuously missing on the valuable time with my loved ones.


 One day, after a particularly stresfull day at work, we decided enough is enough.After another conversation late at night, my partner and I have decided, that we are going to combine our knowledge and work experience in accounting, business development, IT, website design and of course CLEANING and that we are going to start our own house cleaning business.

Both Jordy and I worked for years as subcontractors for cleaning companies to cover our University fees and then later to supplement our regular income. We have over a decade of experience in a customer service sector and we have always enjoyed both: working in customer service in a professional capacity as well as working in cleaning industry.

Of course we knew, that we will have to invest some serious time and planning to make this venture successful, but we have since learned a lot and most importantly, we doing what we love and we finally feel, that we have some time to spend with our family and enjoy life.

We are both passionate about what we do and I think, that’s a foundation of any success.

Initially, we started small, using sites like Service Seeking to find potential clients but after getting many great reviews we decided to expand it and go all the way in.


Being parents ourselves, we understand the importance of using the cleaning products, which are perfectly safe for children, parents, pets and environment, hence we are offering both Regular Cleaning and Organic, Plant Based, Chemical Free service.


The ultimate goal is to help our customers to achieve, what we think is so important: time for themselves and their families. As for us, we doing something which we strongly believe in and enjoy,  but most importantly, which allows us to have enough time to spend  with our beautiful kids and each other.