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Regular weekend for the working parents


It's Sunday afternoon. My day started at 2am, as this was the time my three year old decided to wake up (super happy mum plus no coffee, as my coffee machine is broken).

For the last few days I was trying to get to setting up my new computer system, which handles bookings and all related information, which I also had to integrate with the accounting system.

It sounds pretty daunting but after working for almost a decade in a software industry, I didn't really feel all that intimidated. However all week I was too busy to get to it, so today was THE DAY.

Since Aurelia was up at 2am, after the initial cuddles, milk, toys, dummy etc, I was ready to start. And so I did. But my three year old didn't want to cooperate, so I was entering all the bookings for the upcoming week, information about the clients, what's required in each clean, with my demanding toddler in my lap, grabbing various items of my desk and trying to "help"...

Needles to say, what's supposed to take about three hours turned into a full-shift eight hours of work.

At some stage Aurelia disappeared into my en-suite saying she needed to use the bathroom. After enjoying about 15 - 20 minutes of quiet and getting through all my emails, I suddenly could feel the creeping fear... You know what I'm talking about right? When it gets really quiet for a long time and your three year old is somewhere unsupervised. (Please don't judge me - I am just human and sometimes I do let her out of sight)

Following the haunch that something terribly wrong is happening, I went into the bathroom and found my toddler painting her nails with my nail-polish. Not so bad, right? Well it wouldn't be if the nail painting didn't turn into up to the elbows painting, plus some abstract designs on her tummy, dress, my sink and few different random spots.

So here we are, the nail-polish has been removed, the system has been mostly updated plus just because I am a bit OCD, I also cleaned my air conditioner filters, all my bedroom cupboards, and now that my adorable daughter is asleep, I can share the average Sunday of a working mum with all of you beautiful people.

And after the little demon wakes up, we will make our way to the beach to enjoy the rest of the weekend in a bit more toddler friendly environment. 😊

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